Power Your Home with Solar Panel Systems

7 October 2020
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In the past, homeowners may not have had much choice in terms of how they provided their homes with power. However, solar panel systems have made it possible for every homeowner to take advantage of this renewable power source for their houses. Here's a closer look at how you can benefit from a home solar panel system. 

How Can a Solar Panel System Power Your Home at Night?

A limitation of solar panel systems is that they will be unable to generate power during the overnight hours. However, this does not mean that these systems will be unable to supply the house with electricity. During the day, the solar panels are likely to produce more power than your home needs. This can allow the system to divert the excess energy into battery storage systems that will be able to power the home during the overnight hours. If this is insufficient for your home or you want to avoid these battery systems, you can have the system be set up to switch to drawing power from the electrical grid when it gets dark.

Does it Matter Where You Install the Panels?

The side of the home where the solar panels are installed can be a major factor in determining the amount of power that they can produce. Ideally, these panels should be positioned on the side of the home that will receive the most direct sunlight. This will allow the panels to produce as much power as possible. While the panels may still be able to produce power on the other sides of the roof, it is likely to be less effective and efficient. Additionally, you may want to consider trimming any tree branches that are close to this side of the roof away. In addition to the risk of these branches falling and damaging the panels, there will also be a risk of the branches scratches the panels, which may damage them.

Can Every Home's Electrical System Support Solar Panel Systems? 

One of the great advantages of solar power systems is that they can be supported by almost any home with minimal changes to the electrical system. This is possible as the power output that is coming from the panels can be modified so that it will be compatible with your home's electrical connection. This part of the process can be rather complicated, and it is one of the reasons why it may be more safer and effective if you hire a skilled electrician to conduct this improvement.