Upgrading Your Home's Electrical Panel Box

30 June 2020
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The electrical panel can be of the most important components of your home's electrical system as it will regulate and direct the flow of power throughout the entire home. While homeowners will likely rarely need to give much thought to this component, there are some situations that they can encounter that may force them to consider upgrading their electrical panel box.

Insufficient Capacity

Insufficient capacity is one of the issues that can lead those that own older homes to seek to make this upgrade. Modern homes will typically have a much high energy demand than homes that were built in previous decades. This can lead to situations where the electrical system for the house is simply unable to provide enough power for all of the electrical devices and fixtures in the home. In these situations, it can be necessary to upgrade the panel box so that it will be able to accommodate these higher electrical demands.

Burning Odors Or Sparks

Burning smells or sparks coming from the electrical panel box can be a major problem as it can indicate that there is a potentially dangerous problem with the panel box. In fact, if this damage is not repaired, the panel box could ignite and cause a fire that could rapidly spread throughout the home. While it may be possible for an electrician to repair a panel box that has suffered this type of serious damage, it will typically be the more efficient option to simply replace it with an upgraded model. Luckily, the process of replacing an electrical panel box will be a relatively short process that should only take a professional electrical contractor a few hours to complete.


Corrosion on the exterior of the control panel can be another issue that will often lead to the panel needing to be replaced and upgraded. While it may not seem like corrosion on the exterior of the control panel will not be a major concern, it can often indicate that there may be water damage on the interior. Unfortunately, individuals may underestimate the risk of this type of damage leading to a total replacement of their electrical panel box, but this damage can occur from a variety of sources. In addition to a roof leak that drips water onto the electrical panel box, condensation forming on the exterior and the interior of the electrical panel box can also cause enough damage to lead to it needing to be replaced.

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