Baby Proofing Your House From Electrical Dangers

10 January 2018
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There are two main ways in which your toddler can hurt themselves with your electrical outlets; they can either stick things into empty slots or yank electrical cables out of occupied outlets. This means you have to think of both risks when baby proofing your outlets. Here are several ways of accomplishing both goals:

Use Tamper Proof Outlets

A good way to baby proof any outlet is to use tamper-proof outlets. These are outlets that have plastic materials blocking their openings. The plastic materials (shutters) have springs mechanisms that allow them only to be pushed open at the same time; sticking something in one side doesn't open it. This means your toddler will be safe if they try to stick something into one side of the prongs. You won't have any problems using the outlet because the electrical plugs you will be using all have two contacts that will push both sides of the prongs simultaneously.

Use Electrical Outlet Caps

Electrical outlet caps are made of non-grippy plastic that your toddler will find difficult to grasp and pull out. The plastics are shaped just like any other plug (the difference being that plastic is an insulator), and you just plug it into the outlet like you would with any other plug. Since you have to manually insert the caps when not using an outlet, it is easy to forget about it. This means you have to teach yourself to remember to plug in the caps so that it becomes an automatic thing to you.

Install Sliding Plate Covers

If you are a forgetful person or just want to make your outlets extra safe, then you should use sliding plate covers. These have the same effect as electrical outlet caps in that they cover empty outlets so that your toddler cannot insert things in them. The main difference is that they work automatically and you don't have to pull them out and plug them in manually. You just slide them to the side when you want to plug in something and they snap back into place automatically when you pull out the plug.

Block Access with Furniture

Not every baby proofing act involves installing something; you can even use your existing items to make your electrical outlets safe for your toddler. For example, you can pull heavy furniture in front of the outlets so that the toddler can't access them.

Are you planning to baby proof your house? Remember that it is not just about the outlets; you also have to worry about appliances, cables, lights and many other things. Talk to an electrical to help you accomplish your goal of keeping your baby safe from electrical danger or to perform any electrical repairs.