Three Times That It's Necessary To Hire An Electrical Contractor

17 February 2016
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You might be comfortable performing a variety of jobs around your home, but those related to your electrical system are generally best to leave for an expert. The concern with the average homeowner performing an electrical job is two-fold -- you might hurt yourself and you might do something that leads to a fire. These are good enough reasons for arrange for an electrical contractor to visit your home and take care of the work for you. Here are three common household electrical issues that should prompt you to call an electrical contractor.

Flickering Lights

If notice that any lights in your home flicker at random times or when you run an electrical device such as the vacuum in a nearby room, it's a sign that you should have an electrician look at the problem. This problem is symptomatic of your circuits being overloaded or, in the case of an old home, the wiring not being able to support modern-day devices. Your electrician will be able to get to the bottom of the problem and fix it in several different ways. A common approach for addressing this issue is to add one or more additional circuits to the room or update old wiring.

Rusty Circuit Panel

It's a significant concern if you notice that your circuit breaker panel in the basement or garage is showing signs of rust. Rust can mean that the various circuits and other components are wearing out, which could carry a risk of a fire if they're not handled soon. At the very least, you'll likely be looking at circuits that fail, which will mean that certain rooms or areas of your home will be left without power. The risk of a shock when working on the circuit breaker panel is very real, so make sure that you hire an electrical contractor for this job. He or she will be able to replace any problematic breakers and ensure the entire panel runs correctly.

Prolific Use Of Extension Cords

Occasionally using an extension cord can come in handy, but you shouldn't rely on these cords on a consistent basis. Multiple extension cords can put strain on a circuit and reduce electrical performance, while also being a fire risk -- especially if you run the cords under your rugs. Your electrical contractor will likely add extra outlets to the rooms in which you use multiple extension cords to help you avoid this fire risk. Contact a business, such as Dunedin Electric Co., Inc., for more information.