Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home's Electrical System

6 January 2016
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When spring arrives, it is common for people to perform a variety of upgrades and cleaning projects to their homes. However, it is common for some homeowners to overlook their electrical systems during these projects. In particular, the following couple of simple projects can help your home's electrical systems avoid problems, and they will not take much time or effort for you to complete.

Clean Dust Your Breaker Box

Your home's breaker box is the control system for all of the electrical wiring in your home. However, you may not realize that dust can cause numerous issues with this part of your electrical system. In addition to impeding the flow of electricity, this can also pose a fire risk because the dust can be highly combustible.

To avoid this problem causing major issues for your home, you should dust the breaker box at least twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall will usually suffice. When dusting, make sure that you use a dry cloth to gently rub away as much of the dust as you can. Additionally, you can use a can of compressed air to remove any pieces of dust that you can not easily reach.

Inspect Any Outdoor Outlets For Wear

During the spring and summer months, you may want to enjoy your yard more. However, if you have outdoor outlets that you regularly use, you should make sure to inspect them each spring before using them. Over the winter months, it is possible for snow and ice to get inside the outlet, which can lead to major damage to it. If you plug in your device to an outlet with this damage, a power surge can cause serious damage to your electronic.

You will need to use a special voltage measuring device to inspect these outlets. Luckily, these devices can be purchased from most home improvement stores. These devices are simply plugged into the outlet where they can measure the voltage and wattage to ensure it is the correct level. If your testing device shows unstable or incorrect readings, you should have an electrician inspect the outlet.

When you are in the midst of spring cleaning, it can be easy to neglect your home's electrical system. However, making sure that you dust the breaker box and inspect outdoor outlets will help you to ensure that you avoid some of these common causes for electrical problems and damages. To learn more, contact a company like B Electric Inc