Three Electrical Upgrades To Prepare Your Home For Automation Improvements

24 December 2015
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With all the modern appliances and devices available today, you may want to consider integrating them into the design of your home. There are many things that can be done with home automation, such as controlling lighting, appliances and mechanical systems. You can also have these systems connected to a home network. Doing these things will often require improvements to the electrical wiring in your home. Here are some electrical improvements that you may want to consider to prepare your home for automation:

1. Wiring For Home Networking

One of the most important things you will want for automation is networking. This can involve installing wiring for high-speed Internet throughout your home. To be able to manage your network, dedicate a small room like a big closet for all the wiring of your network. You can have shelving for routers and switches installed here. You may also want to have enough electrical outlets to be able to expand future systems you want installed in your home.

2. Updating The Heating And Cooling Thermostat

The heating and cooling thermostat in your home may be one of the first areas you want to add automation to. There are newer digital thermostats that can be connected to your home network. They can also be controlled with a smartphone or remote to make your home more comfortable. When you have the other wiring in your home done, add one of these thermostats to begin with your home automation projects. If you have a zoned HVAC design, you may need to install more than one thermostat for your home automation, which can be connected and controlled through your network connection.

3. Installing Home Surveillance And Alarm Systems

Home surveillance systems are something else that you may want when preparing your home for home automation. There are many choices for alarms and cameras around your home, which can be connected to your network. You can also have them installed with POE switches, which means that the network wiring will power cameras and other components of your surveillance system. When you do this, you can also install things like sound and intercom systems to help with the automation of your home.

These are some electrical upgrades that you can have done to prepare your home for automation. If you are ready to start updating your home, contact a business such as SDS Electric, and talk with them about some of these improvements to the wiring in your home.