Malfunctioning Electronics In An Outlet: Things To Know

21 December 2015
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Do you have to deal with malfunctioning electronics each time that they are plugged inside of a specific outlet? There may be a bad wiring problem in the wall that requires prompt help from an electrician if you don't want a fire to start when you least expect it. Discover in this article why the electrical outlet is having an effect on your electronics all of them time.

Why Does an Electrical Outlet Cause Electronics to Malfunction?

It is possible that your electronics fail to work properly when plugged inside of the outlet because there are frayed or broken wires. If the wires are frayed, electricity is likely not flowing through to your electronics with a sufficient amount of volts to power them up completely. You don't want to leave the wires in such a condition because it can lead to them overheating, unless they already are. You can tell if the wires in an outlet have been overheating because there will be signs of melting or discoloration on the outlet covers. You may also notice that the power cords on your electronics are melted in the area that is plugged into the outlet.

What Can an Electrician Do to Repair an Outlet with Bad Wiring?

The first thing the electrician will do before assuming that the outlet has faulty wiring is checking it for voltage output with a multimeter. The multimeter will let the electrician know if it is possible that a poor flow of electricity from the electrical panel is the reason your electronics are not functioning right. He or she may have to upgrade the amps in the electrical panel to fix the problem. If the wiring in the outlet is damaged, the electrician will simply install new wiring. He or she will basically make sure that the wiring repair is sufficient enough to handle the power needs of your household.

What Does an Electrician Charge for Repairs?

If you are charged by the hour, expect to pay the electrician at least $30 and up (depending on labor time). If your electrical outlet is in need of an upgrade, it can add an additional $60 plus to the labor fee. An electrical panel amp upgrade will cost $800 or more, but it depends on how many amps it is being upgraded to.

Talk to an electrician as soon as you can so you can get the outlet problem repaired before you end up with a house fire!