Faulty Wiring: Why Your House Has A Burning Odor

14 December 2015
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Are you concerned because your house has a consistent burning odor for no visible reason? There may be a fire hazard in the wall that is due to faulty electrical wiring, which requires prompt attention from an electrician if you don't want your home going up in flames. Here is what you should know about faulty electrical wiring causing a burning odor that doesn't go away.

What Kind of Faulty Wiring Problems Can Cause a Burning Odor?

The burning odor in your house may be due to there being damaged wiring in an outlet. The problem may stem from you overloading the outlets in your house with more electrical devices than the wiring is able to handle. If you look closely at the power cords that are inside of each outlet, you may notice that they have started to melt. There may also be discoloration and melted plastic on the outlet covers. An electrician must be hired to remove the outlet covers and inspect the wiring in the wall to determine what kind of repair should be done.

If you have to continuously turn the circuit breakers back on because they trip a lot, it can be the result of the overloaded outlet. Each time that you forced the breakers back on, you may have cause damage to the wiring in the electrical panel. The breakers are basically how all of the outlets in your house are able to get electricity, so damage to wiring in the electrical panel may mean that your entire home is in need of new wiring. However, it is also possible that only a few outlets are in need of new wiring before the burning odor will go away. It is actually a good idea to avoid using the outlets in your house until the problem is inspected and repaired.

What Kind of Fees Might Be Charged for Electrical Repairs?

Electricians charge an hourly rate that can range between $30 and $100 plus. The overall price will depend on what kind of electrical repair is necessary, as well as how complex the task is expected to be. The most expensive electrical repair might cost $3,500 or more, which would be if the electrician has to rewire your entire house. Repairs to the electrical panel (upgrading the amps) will cost a minimum of $800. Find out why your home has a burning odor by hiring an electrician like RDS Electric.