4 Tips For Updating The Lighting In Your Home

11 December 2015
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The lighting in your home can make it feel truly cozy or it can make you feel as though you need to rearrange everything. Before you go ripping out lighting fixtures, take a look at some of the simple changes that you can try to help your home feel more welcoming.

Take Stock of Your Current Lighting

How does the lighting in your home look? Do you like the appearance, or does it feel out of date to you? Another factor to consider with your current lamps and fixtures is their overall age. Older lighting fixtures can last for decades, but they can waste energy. Newer fixtures have built-in energy saving features that make a big difference on your power bill. One other question to ask yourself involves safety. When your room is lit, are there any risks for falling or tripping? If so, you need to find a way to light that area effectively.

Look for Simple Fixes

Before you start looking at complicated or expensive fixes, try to cover the small bases first. Do you have outdated shades, but you love the lamp? Change out the shade. Any fixtures with naked bulbs? Look for a shade or a sconce to put in that area. Sometimes correcting the smaller issues makes a huge difference aesthetically speaking in the room.

Layer Your Lighting Fixtures

Layering your lighting fixtures is like layering your clothing. The bigger the room is, the more different types of layers you're likely to add. For example, in a larger living room you'll want overhead lighting, floor lamps, reading lamps, accent lighting and possibly recessed lighting. Each type of light fixture serves a different purpose. If your room feels like it's missing something, look at what you do in that room and see if adding another source of light will solve the problem.

Change Out the Bulbs

Sometimes the fixtures are fine, but something still doesn't feel right in the room. Try switching out your white bulbs for pink or blue. These differently colored bulbs can make the room feel warmer or cooler simply because of the light wash of color that they provide. This is such a simple change, but it makes a big difference.

If your home needs bigger help with its lighting, then it's time to talk to electrical contractors who can help. They can assess your electrical needs and plot out a solution for you.

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