Power Goes Off And On In Your New Home? It's Probably Overgrown Tree Branches

8 December 2015
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A number of homes experience power fluctuations as they age. But if your new home's electrical power keeps turning off and on, overgrown tree branches may be the culprits. Before you call an electrician, see if you can solve the problem yourself. Here's what you do. 

Ask the Electric Company to Trim Overgrown Tree Branches in the Alley

If you live in front of a backstreet alley, you may experience problems with your electrical power at times, especially if large trees grow along the sides of the alley. The branches of the trees can grow over the power lines in the alley. If the branches become wet with rain or twisted by the wind, they can hang too close to the wires and disrupt the flow of power through them.

Your home's power may flash off and on for a few seconds, or it may turn completely off. If you allow this problem to continue, you may end up damaging or burning out your home's circuit breaker or fuses. The power fluctuations can also damage large appliances, such as computers and ovens, by frying their circuit boards and electronic parts. 

To find out if the large overhanging tree branches are the causes of your electrical problem, contact your power company and ask them to trim the trees. In most cases, trimming back the trees solves the problem right away.

If you notice that the branches appear large enough to obstruct the wires in the future, contact the power company again. However, keep in mind that the trees on your private property are your responsibility to maintain. 

Trim the Trees in Your Yard

It's a good idea that you trim the branches of any trees that hang over the roof of your home. The branches can press down on the electrical wire that connects your home to the power line in the alley. If the branches come too close to the power line on your property, have a tree service contractor remove them for you. 

In addition, cutting the branches can protect your home from rodents. Rodents can use the overgrown branches to reach your roof. Once rodents enter your home, they may chew through the wires inside your walls and ceiling to reach other areas of the home. This can also be a cause of your power problems. 

If you continue to notice problems with your power after completing the tips above, contact an electrician like Skyline Electric, Inc. for services. The wiring in your new home may not be connected properly.